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We are Roadtrippers Australasia, a network of award-winning sites and apps that help travellers explore Australia and New Zealand, and help regions, operators and brands understand and influence travellers while they explore.

What we do

Turn tourists into explorers
Data into insights
And content into interactive trip guides


Roadtrippers  is an award-winning site and app that helps users plan road trips from a two day adventure to an epic cross country trip of a lifetime. Once planned, the trip downloads as an interactive map. Roadtrippers has 2.5 million monthly users in the US/Canada and 100k+ in Australasia.


GeoZone is the network connecting all our travel apps and white labels including CamperMate, the most popular free travel app in New Zealand and Australia. GeoZone tracks travellers’ behaviour to provide deep insights to regions, marketers and operators. It also provides a more rewarding experience to users, offering them warnings (like road closures) and deals based on their location. 


Boone is the largest tourism database in the world with 50 million tourism points of interest (POIs). Roadtrippers pull in POIs from Boone from a selection of over 250,000 in Australia and 85,000 in NZ.

Case Study



The Eyre Peninsula wanted to encourage more visitors to their region, and understand travellers' movements within it. They also wanted some content to promote the region as the ‘seafood capital of Australia’. After digging   into the regions’ visitors we stumbled across an insight. On the Eyre Peninsula, it’s possible to do many activities that travellers think of doing in different states. You can be in the outback, dive with sharks, experience some of the best snorkelling in the world, have a beach all to yourself, plus dine out on world-class seafood. We decided to broaden out the proposition to ‘you can do it all on Eyre’. The result was the following video, landing page and TripGuides. 

Media and Awards


• Webby Awards 2014 Nominee, 


• Time Magazine, 50 best websites,


• Winner of the NZ High Tech Awards 2015,


• 2017 Innovation Awards, Innovation in

   tourism & entertainment,



• Sydney Morning Herald

• Home & Garden

• NZ Herald

• Port Lincoln Times

• Wired


• Wall St Journal

• Jake Shears from Scissor Sisters 

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